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    Skyline Drive Trails

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    Skyline Drive And Shenandoah National Park Trails

    Skyline Drive And Shenandoah National Park Map

    Dark Hollow Falls Trail

    Dark Hollow Falls is another scenic trail of the Skyline drive which ends up in waterfalls. It is located near the Byrd Visitor Center. The trail is at the edge of a stream which enhances the enjoyment. During the hike, birds, butterflies, deer and occasionally black bear and timber rattlesnake can be seen, but these have not been known to harm any visitors.

    Visitors who hike down to see the waterfall call it a worthwhile experience. The trail is a steep hike down about ¾ mile, with no restrooms or emergency shelter. Those who make this hike should be prepared, preferably carrying a bottle of water, and avoiding the hike altogether if there is any prediction of rain. The return trip up to the parking lot is very steep, and may be exhausting for some, especially older persons and those not accustomed to physical activity.

    Stony Man Trail

    This is one of the most scenic trails in the skyline drive. It ends up at a cliff and offers a beautiful overlook. It is ideal to watch the sunset. Pets and horses are not allowed in this trail.

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